Region Committees are where most of the business of the Region is conducted.  We’re always looking for more volunteers, so check out the descriptions below and email the chair if you’re interested!


The Awards committee administers the Region Awards annually. The committee is responsible for soliciting award nominations and selecting award winners.  For questions or additional information, the committee can be reached at [email protected].


The Region B Mentoring and Leadership Pipeline program is to develop the future leaders of the society and the industry. They will pair experienced SWE Members to those who are looking to grow. We are looking to introduce members to the great resources and benefits of the SWE community. We pair up mentor and protégé’s with each other that we believe that would benefit both parties.  For more information see our mentoring page: Region B Mentoring Program or contact the committee at [email protected].


The Nominations Committee oversees Region Council elections. The committee is responsible for reviewing and approving the nomination slate and submitting it to the Council and the Society for voting. For questions, or more information, the nominations committee can be reached at [email protected].